Camera Introduction

Up to 12 cameras can be configured in TimeZero. TimeZero is compatible with AXIS IP Cameras (fixed or PTZ), AXIS IP converters (single or quad converters), FLIR Cameras (M-Series and PT-Series), Pelco-D cameras, fixed H264 Cameras, and ONVIF Cameras.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please contact us for Pelco-D cameras and ONVIF cameras support. We cannot guarantee that any Pelco-D cameras and ONVIF cameras would work out of the box with TimeZero (especially PTZ cameras). The camera manufacturer may not have implemented all commands that TimeZero needs to control the camera. The only cameras that we can fully support are FLIR and AXIS cameras.

A Pan, Tilt and Zoom camera ("PTZ Camera") can be controlled directly from TimeZero using the AXIS protocol, Pelco-D protocol, FLIR CGI Nexus protocol, and ONVIF Protocol. PTZ cameras that are able to pan 360 degrees and send feedback to TimeZero can be displayed on the chart (field of view) and used for tracking. A camera that is selected to be "Use for Tracking" from the Camera settings page can:

  • Display a cone on the chart representing the field of view (FOV) of the camera

  • Be controlled directly from the chart using the right click menu to move or lock the camera to a position, object or target

  • Be controlled using a standard USB Joystick connected to the computer (USB joystick needs to be activated from the Camera Options and Calibrated)

Note: In order for a camera to be displayed on the chart (and used for tracking), it needs to be able to pan 360 degrees and send feedback to TimeZero. Tracking cannot be set on a PTZ "fish-eye" camera such as the AXIS 212PTZ that only relies on digital zooming.

If a camera has PTZ functionality but is not configured for tracking, it will only be possible to control it from the NavData or from the Camera WorkSpace (the field of view, joystick control and right click control from the chart are not available).

The following chapters will describe how to display and control a camera. Please refer to the Camera Installation Chapter for setup instructions.

Note: If you would like to bring an external display in TimeZero using an HDMI to Ethernet encoder or a USB Video Encoder (DirectShow compatible), do not configure it as a camera source. Rather, configure the external display as a Video Input.